HGH Vs Steroids

Bodybuilding and having the aspiring body all the rage these days, the young as well as middle age men are applying all the tactics to get a body of their dreams. This “all tactics” term actually includes everything from manual methods like exercising, taking proper diet to illegal or legal supplementation.

In all these talks, two terms are highly popular steroids and HGH and literally, most of the general public and bodybuilder have no idea what is the difference in these two and people often seem to get confused when they discuss them.

This article has been designed to all the new and old folks that have even 1% interest or connection with the field of bodybuilding.

SO, let’s start and bit by bit remove the confusions.

What is HGH?

Human growth Hormone (HGH) is kind of Mitogen which is limited to the specific category of cells. It is basically a 191-amino acid, polypeptide (single changed) and it is released by cells of Somatotropic that are in reality present in the pituitary gland (within the lateral wings of the anterior).

It is a peptide hormone and due to all this procedure of production, it is also called “Somatotropin” or HGH.

HGH is a hormone that is considered a stress hormone and the main roles of HGH include:

  1. Mandatory stimulation in cell production
  2. Increases the density of glucose

iii.    Enhances the concentration of fatty acids that are free

  1. Production of IGF-1 (Insulin-like growth factor 1, it is a protein and it is also known as Somatomedin C) is influenced by this hormone
  2. It stimulates growth
  3. It improves weight loss

vii.   Enhanced muscle strengthening

viii. The better structure of bones

  1. Enhanced healing power for fractures
  2. Reduction in the risks that are related to heart diseases

What are steroids?

The steroids are an extensive class of organic compounds with a structure of a molecule that has around 4 rings. They represent many vitamins, alkaloids, and hormones.

Usually, steroids are distinguished by their chemical formulation on basis of structure. Particularly, their “Cycloalkane rings” are the quite specific.

To cut the long story short, steroids typically are not determined by their roles but what their formation is. Testosterone and cholesterol both have the same structure but their roles are different.

The most famous type of steroid that usually people relate to the growth of muscle and bodybuilding are “anabolic steroids”. This name is given to them because of their performance in the body as they tend to put your body in an anabolic state where these steroids regulate the mass building of muscles and burning the undesirable fat. They make possible such functions by stimulating the amount of testosterone hormone that is present in the body. Thus, it ends up in melting more fat and muscle mass.

What are the side effects of Anabolic Steroids?

Anabolic steroids are much too effective in showing results. However, it is only one side of the picture because this category of steroids is also jam packed with certainly some deadly side effects that no sane person will like to have.

The steroid has potential to stimulate the typical hormonal production in severely negative manner. Some of the side effects can be subsided as soon as the usage of anabolic steroids is stopped but some effects are not likely to be reversed.

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Renal Problems

iii.    Hair Loss

  1. Severe acne, skin with oily texture and hair
  2. Losing hair
  3. Liver tumors and cysts (liver diseases)

vii.    Heart attack and stroke (diseases of heart)

viii.    Irritation, mood swings

  1. Aggression
  2. Depression of severe kind
  3. Cholesterol and blood lipids change

xii.    Gynecomastia

xiii.    Infertility

xiv.    Risk of some of the viral diseases

What are the HGH Boosting Supplements and are they effective?

HGH hormone boosters will not be giving you this essential hormone from the outsource but as a matter of fact these boosters actually help your body’s certain parts to generate its own hormone and the process is totally natural most of the time due to the natural compounds of the products.

HGH is produced in the human body but if your body is deficient of this key hormone then today the market contains several products that are show cased as HGH boosters.

Now, the question arises, how do they work and are they effective or it is just simply the exaggeration?

Injecting Human Growth Hormone is possible but even the better method is to go for HGH supplement that can boost the natural production of this hormone.

Natural boosting HGH supplements are rather effective but one has to keep certain things in mind when making a purchase. The things that buyer should examine in a product that is Natural HGH booster.

  • It should be helpful in weight loss
  • It ought to be effective for muscle growth
  • It has enough testimonials to satisfy your doubts about such products
  • It needs to be helpful in toning muscles
  • It shall speed up the recovery timing
  • It must improve sleeping pattern
  • It needs to enhance libido

If the product that you are thinking of buying contains maximum or even half of these benefits, opt for that product.

Top HGH Boosters in 2017:

  • HGH-X2:

HGH-X2 is totally a natural product and all the ingredients are perfectly displayed on the product bottle.

Moreover, this supplement has potential to cater all the HGH related issues in a pretty smooth manner as it is one of its own kinds and it is best at bulking the muscle sizes, recovering the lost stamina to the key role of any HGH releaser.

The best part is yet to be disclosed and that is

It does not carry any side effects due to natural ingredients and that is why you do not need any doctor’s prescription to start your HGH boosted journey.

  • HyperGh 14x:

This second HGH releaser HyperGH 14x is not short at amazing people because of its promising performance throughout in its successful journey of revolutionizing the lives of its clients. This product is a complete set that anyone who is HGH deficient can wish for (in an HGH releaser).

Furthermore, no prescription is required to utilize it and it has capabilities to provide following benefits:

  1. Better performance during workout
  2. Improved sleep

iii.    Increased the total amount of HGH that is secreted by the pituitary gland that is present in your brain

  1. Better growth in Muscle mass

Bottom line and Final Verdict:

HyperGH 14x and HGH-X2, both are great choices, not only they are showing results but they also keep the users away from every type of side effects and that is totally an appreciable quality because benefits without side effects seem almost impossible to achieve but not the watch of these two dynamic ones.

To unleash the benefits , start using it.

Get smart in No time

Being smart is attractive no matter what your gender is!

If you have a smart brain then you are already a winner in the most of the situations of your life. However, it does not imply that you will not face any hardship in day to day life but it does indicate that your mind will be there to take out you from that bad situation.

Majority of the people consider that smart brains are only possible by birth and you cannot change anything afterward but the reality is the other way around as functionality of brain never remains the same.

It always tends to change and most of the time it depends upon that what kind of exposure you are giving to your brain and it implies that it is possible to change you mental strength if you take a few measures or if you are already a smart person then simply you can sustain your mental abilities through the following ways.

  1. Avocado:

Avocado, in its raw form or as an addition in your salad/ smoothies or cuisine, is good.

It is said to improve cognitive functionality as well as memory and concentration in a human mind.

This delicious fruit is rich in Vitamin C, K, B and folate. Many people seem to consider its high fat content a negative point against it but in reality this yummy fruit is actually packed with the highest levels of protein and the lowest levels of sugar in comparison to any other fruit.

It is simply like a green powerhouse that contains monosaturated fats or the good kind fats (just for the record, these fats are quite good for regulating sugar levels in your blood and to give your skin a glowing appearance)

Furthermore, it can prevent blood clotting in the brain (a favorable prevention from stroke) and it can enhance cognitive function and as a bonus, this improves memory & concentration too.

Bottom Line: Avocado is in the list of 50 foods that are food for brain and it is correct for all the right reasons, make it a part of your diet.

  1. Blueberries:

Blueberries are the part of fruit list that is a must!

Eating blueberries on daily basis can have great benefits for your health. These nature candies are high in antioxidant for human beings. They also possess fiber, vitamin K and vitamin C.

Due to the presence of high levels of gallic acid, they are great at securing your brain against stress and degeneration.

There are number of different ways, through which you can have them in your life for instance in form of blueberry cupcakes, pumpkin blueberry pancakes, smoothies etc

Bottom line: have these nature candies to boost your brain.

  1. Bone Broth:

Bone Broth is really good for your body and mind. It can actually resolve various problems that are associated to your gut and it can end up healing your mind.

This is an ancient food and it is full of healthy benefits, either you talk about in terms of immune system, joint health, food allergies, it can improve/ prevent.

Furthermore, it contains, high levels of collagen that aids to subside intestinal inflammation, healing different amino acids like Glycine and Proline to make your immune system’s performance better.

It also happens to improve memory and the best part is this man-made remedy is easy on pocket too.

  1. Coconut oil:

Hard from the outside but soft from the inside

Dark from the outside but light from the inside

Hang on, we are not asking you any riddle but introducing another nature’s gift and that is “coconut”. It is helpful in any shape & form and that leads us to say that its oil is one of the most sought after things because of its versatility.

Not figuratively but in reality, there is literally nothing that coconut oil cannot help in and especially when it comes to your brain, it is jam packed with good qualities.

Coconut oil can actually work as a natural anti-inflammatory plus it suppresses cells that are responsible for inflammation. It can also be a great help when it comes to retrieve loss memory, specifically the memory that is lost due to aging and it is also very supportive in killing the bad bacteria that are present in your gut.

Bottom Line: Use coconut oil for improving your mind and immune system.

  1. Try the tested Supplement like (Noocube):

Today the markets are full of supplements for enhancing mental stability and strength. One of the most sought after supplement for brain enhancement is Noocube, It is highly popular and for all the right reasons.

It is not just like any ordinary supplement but it can actually deliver the qualities as per the claims and it is highly effective for its users. Noocube

To support the fame of this supplement, there are a good number of clinical researches available. You may check them by simply visiting the official site as they are explained there in pretty much detailed manner.

Final Thoughts:

Do not stay back, step forward and embrace your new smarter version by simply making a few life changes.

5 Things that can help burning fat fast

This article consists of the list of stuff that can aid you in fat burning and weight loss process. They have some significant results to show you on fast track.

  1. Jogging:

For burning fat jogging can be an apt option. It facilitates as an aerobic workout, keep your heart rate increased for a longer time period.

Jogging additionally increases your rate of breathing as well. Thus, it ends into supplying more oxygen to your body for your blood circulation and eventually it is transported to your body muscles

But not all types of jogging have the same benefits, only a certain categories of jogging can optimize the fat burning process of yours.

Having said that keep in mind “the speed of your jogging,” as it significantly influences the number of calories that you will burn in your jogging workout.

For instance:  a person who is around 155 pound and jogs just a slow 12-minute mile, he will be burning only 596 calories in 60 minute duration but jogging at 10 minute mile will let the body burn 744 calories in the same amount of time, and a nine minute mile will allow the body to burn up to 818 calories approximately.

Surprised? There is some more, select 7 minute mile run and the person will end up burning 1,078 calories almost and this speed is highly impactful because if he happens to maintain it on daily basis, he will surely lose 2 lbs of fat each week, and do remember that a person requires to make only 3,500 calorie deficit to lose one pound each week.

The best part is that jogging even provides the fat burning effect when the body is not even jogging and it is at rest.

  1. Kitchen is the key:

When you are on your weight loss journey, you cannot omit kitchen from your checklist because no matter how much you deny, kitchen and the food that is present there in your cabinet, shelves or fridge have effects on your current life style so as it has impact on your fat loss journey.

Firstly, eating a diet that is full of required quantity of protein is kind an aid to your new healthy life style and the best source of protein that is easy on pocket as well is eggs. A breakfast portion that has eggs in it helps your body to shed more weight and fat of body in contrast by the same calorie amount but with bagel or something else.

Secondly, as per a renowned author (Lyssie Lakatos), either 2 cups of coffee or Five-ounce green tea can speed up your metabolic rate to a great extend and it is no rocket science that metabolism is good for healthy body weight as well as for overall general health.

Must Check: Melissa Mccarthy Weight Loss

  1. Intake more than 1,200 calories:

Your body does not seem to realize difference between your limited diet plan and a real starvation. When you eat inadequate amount of calories, you will lose some weight initially (not the right kind of weight) but afterward things get more severe because breathing and heart beating process are more important according to your body and that is why your body starts saving calories to be able to perform these mandatory functions for long and stops or at least minimal other body function.

The worst part is starvation diets can trigger high loss in muscle mass and water weight from dehydration. For the record, please remember, muscles tend to burn more calories than stored fat plus the decline in muscle mass means the decline in your metabolic rate and once your metabolic rate is slow no matter whether you eat or continue to follow your restricted diet your body will gain weight because of that slow metabolic rate.

To keep away your body from this malicious starvation mode, keep you food intake above than 1,200 calories a day as it is the lowest your body may allow you to go because normally a healthy diet for a normal body type person for females is around 2,000-2,500 up to the activity level and for male, it is around 2,800 to 3,500.

Just mere cut down of 500 calories per day can let you lose up to 1 pound easily, so it is a good idea to keep your food intake in the range of 1200-1450 for one pound loss a week that is roughly around half kg.

  1. Stop drinking Juices:

You want to make a healthy choice, but you are confused in an orange or orange juice? Go for full orange (fruit) because it contains fiber but in case of juice at least six to eight oranges are used, fiber is absent and guess what? You will get the calories of six to eight oranges. So, remember when the time comes to choose between a whole fruit or a fresh juice of the same fruit, always go for the fruit rather picking the juice.

Next thing, skim milk or low fat milk is also a healthy choice in comparison of beverages that you usually take after your workout sessions because as per a study, people, who take milk after lifting weight session, lose almost double amount of calories as compare to those who drink any “healthy” beverage.

  1. Workable supplement:

Opt for Capsiplex a supplement that can easily incorporate in your healthy life style regimen to optimize the effects of your working on your body. Capsiplex sport is completely natural formula that is totally apt for anyone who is willing to get the following advantages

  • Good for regulating energy levels
  • Better metabolism is guaranteed when you start consuming it
  • Fast and safe fat burning process
  • Leverage your healthy regimen

It is not any ordinary supplement pill but a unique natural ingredient formula that has been majorly supported by authentic clinical studies of reputable institutions like University of Memphis.

We all know our life is set on fast pace mode and we need the best results with a quick time frame that is why Capsiplex can be great gift in such a scenario to provide maximum benefits with no significant side effects to even consider.

Best of Luck for a Healthy choice