Lost her weight through a healthy and traditional way:

Miranda lambert

Miranda Lambert recently attracted a lot of attention as she appeared with her transformed body.

Her weight loss has made her looks jaw dropping. The country singer’s workouts have reshaped her body completely.

Her primary goal was to prepare herself for the photo shoot of her album Platinum that was supposed to release in June last year.

Her weight loss tips were shared by her trainer in an exclusive interview to Women’s Health.

Her secret to weight loss – staying active and eating healthy:

miranda lambert before and afterYou might be wondering about that special treatment Lambert underwent for a leaner body. But, to your surprise, her treatment revolves around eating healthy and staying active all the time.

Well, Miranda’s story is a bit different. Since the star travels a lot, it is very difficult for her to hit a gym.

So, carrying on a routine workout wherever she visits is the key to her weight loss.

Bill Crutchfield, her professional trainer, has designed a customized circuit workout for Miranda that can be performed anywhere she goes.

So, whether it being her house, gym, hotel or backstage, she always has a workout at her disposal!

Miranda’s circuit workout – At a glance:

Miranda has always shared her workouts to motivate her fans for healthy weight loss.

Her workout has seven different types of exercises that need to be done for one minute only. It includes Jumping Jacks, Bicep Curls, Plank Jacks, Run in Place, etc.

Some two-minute exercises in the workout are Triceps Extension, Lunges and Lateral Flexion.

Since, it’s a circuit workout, there isn’t any break in between. You simply move on to the next exercise when finished with the first one.

Well, to be honest, this workout seems easy and not the extensive one.

What keeps her motivated?

For Miranda, her upcoming album Platinum was her biggest motivation.

Mirinda lambert weight loss

She was also approached by a weight loss company and they expected her to lose 40 pounds.

For that offer, she replied that she was not obese but only size 8.

In her view, she only weighs 15 pounds extra, but since they have used the term ’40 pounds’, it made her feel bad.

Miranda was tired of the tag ‘fat’:

Miranda felt that Paparazzi were taking a lot of her pictures and that too, in the worst angle possible.

She was totally frustrated by seeing herself entitled as ‘fat’ in magazines.

She believed that once you cross your 30s, you are expected to remain in shape.

One of her weight loss secrets is listening to the pop queen Britney Spears. While doing her cardio, she simply imagines Britney’s body and that makes her go crazy and faster.

She further said that it is important to plan out your activities beforehand. Let’s say, if you have planned some outdoor activities, you won’t even realize that you are doing cardio.

She was also motivated to lose weight for her music videos that includes her duet with Carrie Underwood.

Miranda responded to criticism:

Miranda lambert celebrity news blog

Miranda recently responded to people who say she has undergone weight loss surgeries.

She posted a letter to her fans denying fake reports about how she shed her extra weight.

Though, she has always been indifferent towards what others think of her, but she wants to address those who were running senseless stories. She did not undergo any type of surgery and any such news is totally ridiculous.

She further added that she lost her weight in the most traditional and healthiest way.

She worked with her trainer Bill Crutchfield to watch her timely progress.

Miranda’s story – At a glance:

Miranda lambert dietFor her, it is not related to a scale, as she doesn’t even remember how much weight she has lost so far.

When she turned 30 on November 10th, her jeans was already loose and baggy, and for her, the mission was accomplished!

She feels confident the way she looks and encourages everyone to stay confident, no matter whatever your size is.

Do not pay heed to ‘trash talk’ and just feel good about yourself. Well, it seems like Miranda knows how to deal with body shamers well!

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